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Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare


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Sexual and Reproductive Health – Open Arms Healthcare Center emphasizes prevention of sexually-transmitted infections (STI) and has improved access to STI clinical care by offering screening and treatment services apart from primary care in our Sexual Health Clinic. Services include:

  • Screening for STIs (I.E., Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis and 
    Hepatitis A and B) without Symptoms

  • Diagnosis and Treatment for STIs For Patients with Known 

  • Diagnosis and Treatment for Symptomatic STIs

  • Prevention Education and Risk Reduction Counseling to Minimize Risk For STIs And HIV

  • ​HIV Counseling and Testing During Your STI Screening Visit. 

  • ​PrEP Education and Enrollment

  • ​Reproductive/Sexual Health

  • Family Planning

  • ​Testicular and Prostate Cancer Screenings

  • ​Urinary Tract Infections — Testing and Treatment

  • ​Women’s Wellness Screenings

  • Breast and Surgical Healthcare Screenings​​

  • Health Promotion and Prevention Services

  • ​Cervical Cancer Screenings

  • ​Mammogram Referrals

  • ​Vaginal Infections — Testing and Treatment

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